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Professional Team

We have a team of experts who have vast experience in concrete manufacturing. Our concrete machines,delivery trucks and equipment’s are operated by specialists.
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Quality Delivery

The components of the concrete are revolved and mixed proportionally to improve the quality of the final product and is delivered on time.
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Special Concrete

We manufacture concrete mixes of various grades that are specially designed concrete solutions with high-class design technology.
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Kondody Group of Companies

Kondody Group is a diversified business group that has expertise in various fields like manufacturing, construction, public transport, bus body building, trading, tourism and much more. Kondody Concrete is promoted by the third generation entrepreneur from the family Mr Tejo Joseph Kondody, a civil engineering graduate and also a specialist in precast concrete products. He had manufactured millions of cubic metre concrete and sold it in the form of precast products since 1995. In 1952 the promoter’s late grandfather Mr Thomas Joseph Kondody began constructing roads and minor bridges for the Travancore Cochin state and later his three brothers followed his footsteps. They constructed major projects all over India including the powerhouse and tunnel for the Idukki hydroelectric project in 1974. The promoter’s father, the late Mr Babu J Thomas was an eminent contractor during his period and he constructed many projects across Kerala, including the 15 km. railway line for the Alleppey - Kayamkulam rail project in 1992.




Our Mission

Kondody Concrete will strive to remain a leader in the manufacture of concrete products and establish itself as a preferred supplier of concrete products and services to its clients and enhance its brand value to all its stakeholders.

Our vision

To create value on a sustained basis for all stakeholders of Kondody Concrete through lofty standards of transparency, accountability and responsibility, innovation and leadership in concrete production.

Kondody Prefab Concrete

Kondody Prefab Concretes Pvt. Ltd. is a Start-Up India project recognized by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotions under Government of India. The project is located in 5 acres of land surrounded, by water streams and trees in a picturesque location at Thottackad village in Kottayam district of Kerala. Our second plant is located at Purapuzha, Thodupuzha in Idukki district. Kondody Concrete is the subsidiary company of Kondody Prefab Concretes Pvt. Ltd, conceived for the manufacture and selling of ready-mix concrete. The key ingredient of Kondody Concrete is superior quality cement and water. As a brand promise, Kondody uses the best raw materials & fine aggregates in the mix. The entire process is computerized & monitored by highly experienced engineers & skilled crew. The plants also possess fully equipped laboratories that work round the clock to test different grades of concrete at various stages. The mechanized operation & speedy delivery of RMC helps builders reduce cost, worries of storage, supervisory expenses, & reduces project commissioning time. We offer a mixture that is 100% scientifically made & are free from human errors. The aggregates used in every batch are thoroughly cleaned & graded strictly as per the IS norms. All the special additives used are branded. A major benefit of Kondody Concrete is its assurance in the quality of water as the plant has its own source of spring water storage of 2 lakh litres capacity and adequate control of its size, shape, & grade of the aggregates and the optimal usage of the water-cement ratio. We have deployed the best equipment for transit and pumping concrete. Our pump capacity will cover as many as 20 storeys with a flexible end to manage the entire area of the slab and effectively avoiding humps. The flexible hose pipe attached at the end of the pipeline makes pouring convenient at the point of placing, thus reducing shovelling/ dragging and avoiding segregation.

  • Years Of Experience
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Quality of Water for Concrete Construction and its Specification

  • Generally, Quality of water for construction works are same as drinking water. This is to ensure that the water is reasonably free from such impurities as suspended solids, organic matter and dissolved salts, which may adversely affect the properties of the concrete, especially the setting, hardening, strength, durability, pit value, etc. Hence water is the main ingredient of concrete.
  • The water shall be clean and shall not contain sugar, molasses or gur or their derivatives, or sewage, oils, organic substances.
  • The high content of chlorides in water tends to show surface efflorescence dampness persistently and makes the reinforcement steel prove to corrosion.
  • Alternatively, the water shall be tested in an approved laboratory for use in preparing concrete /mortar.

Ready Mixed Concrete vs. Site Mixed Concrete

There are numerous benefits to be obtained from using Kondody Concrete when compared with mixing concrete on site. Some of the important ones are:


Kondody has the resources & technical expertise to provide a range of mixes assuring the user of the right mix design for an application.


Ready mix concrete is better equipped to cope with changes in weather conditions or the construction programme & maintain a project's schedule.


The ease of using ready mixed concrete means that one delivery may be efficiently distributed to various positions on site. Site mixing tends to be time-consuming compared with speed of discharge of ready mix concrete, especially when larger volumes are involved.

Quality Control

The quality of the finished concrete should always be of primary concern. Kondody delivers a guaranteed product which reduces the risk of quality. Product from batching plants, particularly, the smaller & less sophisticated units, is susceptible to a higher risk of failure or lack of consistency.


Some sites have insufficient space to set up a batch plant. Ready-mixed concrete provides the perfect solution where access is restricted. Kondody offers a pumping service to move the concrete across difficult distances & heights.

Cost Effective

Ready mixed concrete is, generally, the cost-effective solution when all cost factors of mixing concrete on site are taken into account. These include the total cost of materials, storage, wastage & theft, hiring of personnel & operation of the necessary plant, labour & supervision of an on-site batch plant.

Environmental Noise

The noise level of a batching plant can become a problem if the site is in a residential area. Kondody is able to discharge the concrete at a rate of at least one cubic meter every two minutes & is, therefore, only on-site for a short period of time.

Environmental Pollution

Batch plants have to be well-managed to prevent contamination or blockage of storm-water drains.

Environmental Clean up

Environmental concerns are reduced when raw materials are not stored on site and a major clean-up operation is avoided at the end of the project.

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