Welcome to Kondody Ready Mix concrete Thodupuzha | Kottayam

Welcome to Kondody Ready Mix concrete Thodupuzha | Kottayam

Provide You the Complete Concrete Solutions - Ready mix Concrete company Thodupuzha | Kottayam
Welcome to Kondody Concrete

Welcome to Kondody Concrete

The Choice of Quality Concretes for Generations
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Professional Team

We have a team of experts who have vast experience in manufacturing concrete. Our concrete machines,delivery trucks and equipment’s are operated by specialists.
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Quality Delivery

The components of the concrete are revolved and mixed proportionally to improve the quality of the final product and is delivered on time.
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Special Concrete

We manufacture concrete mixes of various grades that are specially designed concrete solutions with high-class design technology.
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Special Application


At Kondody Concrete, ready-mixed concrete is manufactured in a fully automated process through computerized batching plants. We supply concrete mixes that are produced in well-equipped laboratories as per the norms to comply with various provisions of Indian standards. Our expert set of team works closely with you to assure that the finest quality and quantity concrete is delivered to you on time..

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Kondody Concrete Kottayam,Kerala

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Kondody Concrete Kottayam,Kerala

Why Choose Us?

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Consistent & High Quality Material

Kondody Ready mix concrete company in Kottayam use world-class technology for ready mix design to ensure consistent product quality.
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Fully Mechanized For Faster Construction

We use fully automated and mechanized operations to increase the speed of construction.
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Minimum Material Wastage

Kondody Concrete mix manufactures in Kottayam will use everything is pre-mixed at our plants based on the customer’s needs to avoid wastage of materials.
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Environmental Friendly Construction Process

Kondody Ready mix concrete Kottayam follow eco-friendly construction techniques to reduce environmental pollution.
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Flexibility In Concrete Design Mixes

Kondody Ready mix Concrete in Kottayam grade different types of concrete mixes and use flexible methods for its design.
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Eliminate Unneeded Labourers

We assign only required number of labourers at worksite to cut cost and save time.
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Reduce Unwanted Expenditures


Latest FAQ’s

How can you assure us about the long-term durability of the structures with our concrete?

Our strict QA & QC practices will ensure good quality concrete, which will provide some assurance to you about its long-term durability. In addition, with the consent of owner/architect/consultant, we do incorporate supplementary cementitious material in our concretes to improve its durability.

What are the advantages of using ready-mixed concrete over site-mixed concrete?

The main advantages of ready-mixed concrete are the improvement in the quality and uniformity of concrete, enhanced speed of construction, savings in labour, reduction in wastage, elimination of material procurement requirements and storage hassles, etc.

How much is the difference between the cost of ready-mixed and site-mixed concrete?

Ready-mixed is slightly costlier than site-mixed concrete. This increased cost is mainly on account of government taxation. If the tax component is removed, the cost of ready-mixed would be quite close to that of the site-mixed concrete.

Is ready-mixed concrete a well-established technology? How long this technology is being used in practice in India?

Yes, ready-mixed concrete is a well-established technology. It was first patented in Germany, way back in 1903. Compared to the other advanced countries, India was a late starter in the usage of ready-mixed concrete.

How do we arrive at the exact quantity of concrete required at the site?

Our engineers need to work out the grade-wise concrete requirements and communicate the same to our plant. Concrete is generally specified in terms of the 28-day compressive strength and workability at placement point.

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